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The late pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s second daughter, Deborah, and her husband, Oluchi Enuha, welcome the girl

The late pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s second daughter, Deborah, and her husband, Oluchi Enuha, welcome the girl.

The couple tied the knot in September 2020. Deborah shared beautiful photos from her maternity shoot on her Instagram page, as well as testimony of her son’s conception and delivery. She wrote

“In September 2020, my sister @toluijogun presented” For this child we pray “on @rtwni. She was so adamant that God had put it in her heart to have one of these prayer rallies before the end of the year.

As part of the leadership at RTWNI, she had participated in several of these rallies and had heard numerous amazing testimonies of how God spoke out on behalf of women. However, it was not a rally that I felt I could relate to … as I was not in a phase of my life where I wanted a child.

However, the September 2020 Rally felt different. I was just married and I felt that God was saying to me: “You know that I will give you a child if you ask me.” I felt my faith increase, not only wanted to attend the rally this time as a leader, but also as someone who believes in God for a child. So I planted a seed in the rally. I remember that I had no expectations or deadlines. I still wanted to enjoy the newlywed phase, so my prayer was simple, that God would do it in his own time.

Our theme at @thefountainoflifechurch in 2020 was “Our Year of a New Song”. Two months after the rally, I woke up to a new song in my heart. I’ve never heard the song before and can’t even tell you how it goes. The song lasted only a minute. I remember it was a song of praise and thanksgiving. At that moment I knew I was pregnant.

Oluwa you know!
Edumare s’oro mi d’ayo
Olowo ori my
A’lewi l’ese.


God has done it!
God has turned my lament into joy!
The owner of my head
The one who says, and it is fulfilled.

This was one of the few songs that God gave me in my last trimester and it became the hymn of my pregnancy. God communicated a lot with me through songs during my pregnancy. I found these songs reassuring. I knew that God was with me.

Our precious baby girl is here now and her delivery showed that she has brought a new level of God’s favor to our home.

My pregnancy is truly a testimony of God’s love and how He really gives good things to His children. We played “Favor like a Shield” by @toluijogun as we welcomed our baby into this world. A special thanks to Dr. Adesanya, Sis Bunmi and Sis Ronke at St Mary’s Hospital. “

Congratulations to them!

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