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A Nigerian man is not in a very good mood after his girlfriend took on the role of poet on his birthday instead of how he went out of his way for her on his own birthday.

The gentleman whose Twitter ID reveals his name as Meeezzzy, said he spent over N50,000 on his birthday, but when his birthday rolled around, she gave him nothing. Instead, she texted him saying ‘… a king is born on this day’ blah blah blah.

The young man tweeted; “I spent more than 50 thousand on his birthday, but when it is my turn, all I got was” on this day a king was born “Fatima, did I tell you that I have a kingdom?”

His post instantly sparked a series of mixed reactions from other tweeps who joined the conversation. See some of the comments below;

SaifGurowa wrote; Look … call me “slave” … and give me half the money back …

A “slave” was born on this day “… with a 10k alert … it’s better than having a kingdom in state … ..

@therealMaryUfot; Omo I see men saying they don’t get gifts. I know a certain lady that every time she tries to go out of her way to gift her man, he rejects him.

Wet men want to bargain sef

@ euniceoguns1; What is the essence of giving to your partner? Is it because you also want some returns on your birthday or because you just want to appreciate their existence in your life and make them feel special too?

What if she had no money at the time? Make her borrow? your

@Kory_Babatope; I spent at least 500k on his birthday in September last year, mine was in March this year and I didn’t even get a birthday text message.

@ kabirusani1996; Believe me, you are her kingdom and she is its Queen … she can give you the world if she could, the compliment is the best birthday present. On mine, my girlfriend posted “HBD besty live long and prosper” is all I could get.

@igotsweggs; But some girls are bad

If we are close and I do not get you a birthday present, I feel the sum of how not to talk about my boyfriend.
Oh bad na

@ megastically1; Posted Happy Birthday dear, you are kind to me, I wish you joy and happiness. That’s what he also posts to all the other girls on his birthday! This is exactly what men deserve, after I flooded my status for him and even booked my flight I got gifts. Nonsense

@mickie_official; How much did you spend on your mother’s birthday? King of ewu makes us come dey pity u naa.

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