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This all happened at Burna Boy’s homecoming party held in Porthercourt as his people celebrated him for putting Nigeria on the world map, then he said what he obviously shouldn’t have said. What did he say and what happened? to find out.

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She may not beat the status of the First Lady of Zamfara in beauty, but she has a very youthful physique for her age, perhaps that’s why Burna Boy called a woman old enough to be his mother, “Our Wife.”

At this point, I might suffice to point out that Rivers State First Lady Eberechi Suzzette Wike is a Rivers State Superior Court Judge whose husband is also a lawyer.

On the occasion of the arrival home of Nigeria’s first Grammy Award winner, the Governor welcomed Burna Boy to Rivers State to congratulate him on successfully winning a Grammy Award and putting his country and state on the world map.

This was highlighted at an event held by government officials and attended by other celebrations and entertainers from the state. Fans were excited to see Burna Boy. This was a great victory for a Nigerian artist who won it alone, without collaboration, only him.

Amid heartfelt cheers from fans, the star artist probably overwhelmed with joy when he returned to take a photo with the governor and his wife, greeted and thanked the governor once again by calling the governor “Our Father.”

Excited, he also greeted the first lady, Wike’s wife and called her “Our wife.” It was then that all hell broke loose silently.

He realized that the comment she made did not go well, to show her respect, he quickly called her ‘Our Mother’ in correction. As the sharp Nigerian couldn’t look away from this bug, fans kept leaving comments about it to make it a big deal. Who says Burna Boy is not humble?

What’s wrong with calling the first lady our wife? To clarify, she is the first lady of a state and as such is the mother of the state, no matter how old she is, it would be disrespectful for the Burna boy to address her as “our wife.” It might be okay for others, but not for him.

The highlight is Burna Boy’s humility in quickly realizing his mistakes and apologizing and correcting him, they said he’s not humble but with what I saw last night the guy is down to earth.

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Author: zamani